In The Beginning

Houston Landscapes Unlimited was established February 9, 1983 by Dean N. Carpenter, founder and current president/CEO. Mr. Carpenter had a vision to establish a full service landscape and irrigation company. His philosophy was and continues to be, "Our organization has effectively had one principle goal throughout this period, which is that quality services at competitive levels equals customer satisfaction.” The Continuous growth of customers and employees led to the formation of the present corporation.

During the early years, Mr. Carpenter was doing almost everything: the estimating, scheduling, operating, accounting, and most importantly: quality control. In 1986 Mr. Carpenter began to hire staff to assist him in fulfilling his dreams. In May Mr. Carpenter hired a full time accountant, at the time, the company was growing at a rate of 100%. For this reason, in August 1986, Mr. Carpenter hired a full time scheduling manager and other employees to head up the entire operations department. “Most of our employees have been with our company for an average of 18 years. Our employees are our best resource and asset” Houston Landscapes Unlimited is proud that its employees with proper and diligent training have progressed to upper level positions of of quality and involvement based on the HLU philosophy.

HLU eventually outgrew the main warehouse office facility and in July 1990, HLU purchased 16 acres of land located in Fort Bend County. With this acquisition HLU became firmly rooted in the Fort Bend County community. We started construction of our 9000 square foot office warehouse facility in September of 1990. We customized our facility to service our company for the future needs of our customers.

Houston Landscapes Unlimited grew due to its reputation of being the most quality concerned landscape and irrigation company. We established relationships with some of the largest developers in the Houston area, several national retail and restaurant chains, and several home owners associations. In order to better serve our diverse customer base in January of 1991, we created departments to keep our operations running smoothly. We have landscape installation, landscape maintenance, irrigation installation and irrigation repairs. As we get requests for our services, we create work orders for each and every new work tasks enabling us to track our process. This includes open communication with our customers and staff which in turn optimizes and increases customer satisfaction.

The Next Plateau

We purposely slowed the growth of our company in 1992 to 20% per year. We wanted to pay special attention to details and focus on our customer's objectives. We realized that bigger is not always better. We established a marketing and public relations department in 1994 which is headed by Sylvia Carpenter. Mrs. Carpenter helped to be more selective in accepting projects. Additionally, this department is responsible for community involvement. “We believe that it is important to give back to the community that has made our success possible. We continue to listen to our customers and community to learn how to serve them better”

The Foundation

We established a secure foundation for our company in the Houston metropolitan area and our philosophy has not changed only strengthened. We have updated all of our equipment and purchased new trucks and trailers. In March of 1996, we adopted new company colors, green with beige since these colors represent the earth’s growth colors. We also added a new colorful logo to all our trucks and office in June of 1997. In 1998, we were recognized by ALCA (Associated Landscape Contractors of America) this is an award for outstanding landscape installation and maintenance. The aforementioned was presented to Mr. Carpenter in Baltimore Maryland at ALCA Annual Conference. In February 8 of 1998, H.L.U. celebrated 15 years of operations. Our entire staff rejoiced by kicking off the development of our 12 acre nursery which will eventually become our source for all our plants and trees. By growing our own products we can assure our clients the best products at the best price. In 1999, H.L.U. developed its web site with the goals of having the best web site in the industry.

The Millennium

The year 2000 came in like a boom and we didn't miss a beat. All our irrigation controllers rolled over to 2001 without a hitch.

As you learn about our fine company, HLU can't help but brag about our entire staff, the countless hours and 150% commitment of our employees. The aforementioned elements combine to provide our customers with excellent landscaping service reflected in the long term relationships that we have with our customers and employees. You may want to explore other related sections of our website to view our completed projects over 24 years. You can also explore current projects under construction. Thank you for your interest in our company.

In the Present

H.L.U. was honored to be awarded the Landscaping Irrigation Contract for Reliant Stadium. We also grew in the Master Planned Communities sector. H.L.U. is proud to report we are the best company in our field today.

We are currently re-designing our website with the newest web technology based to provide our customers with an interactive experience and to better represent our new commitment to staying at the top of the technological advancements.

Additionally HLU is known as the best company in the Master Planned Communities Sector.